Welcome to tropical bliss, nestled between the sparkling blue Arabian Sea, pristine white sands and evergreen forests of Western Ghats, set against lush green landscapes and under the inviting shade of softly swaying coconut trees. Where the days dazzle and nights sizzle and where natural beauty lives next door.
Well connected by rail, road and air, Udupi is only 50 kms from Bajpe Airport, Mangalore.
Udupi is an authentic treasure trove of a tourist's pleasures. One can find a blazing lay-out of antediluvian graven temples, modern, splendid architecture, rolling hill chains, pure forests, unending beaches and very friendly people. Spirit worship known as Bhuta kola and Snake worship known as Nagaradhane are the most important cultural traditions of Udupi, along with festivals such as Aati Kalanja, Karangolu, Diwali and Christmas.
Udupi is well known for Krishna Math and various other temples and is world famous for its delicious vegetarian delicacies. In fact, the Masala Dosa is said to have originated from here. Manipal, which is adjacent to Udupi, has developed into an educational hub where students from all over the world come to study. Udupi is also the birth place of Syndicate Bank and Corporation Bank.
Boosted by government initiaves, hundreds of tourist attractions adorn Udupi, including the likes of virgin beaches, popular temples, hill stations, forests, wildlife etc.
Whilst staying true to its nature as an important pilgrimage center, Udupi is witnessing rapid modernisation and influx of capital. Roads are being widened, malls being built and more services are being provided with each passing day.
With a large and growing number of foreign and NRI students flocking to Manipal, Udupi is soon expected to get an airport and a monorail project has also been proposed for Udupi along with Mysore and Mangalore.
Construction activity has grown rapidly. With average per capita incomes on the rise, Udupi continues to see residential complexes, malls and multiplexes being added to its cityscape, and this progress, along with its deeply spiritual roots, is set to propel Udupi into the future as one of India's model cities. 

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