Many natives of Udupi who are settled outside Udupi are investing in second home at Udupi so that they can stay in their home whenever they visit their native place. As a result, there is a good demand for housing projects in Udupi, Manipal and Mangalore. To cater to this rapidly rising demand, hectic construction activity is taking place in these cities. Most of these flats / apartments are being purchased by NRIs who have their roots in Udupi and Udupi natives settled across Indian metros like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.
They use these flats they purchase in Udupi as a second home. They usually make annual visits with their family and stay for an extended period of time. They also visit Udupi on various other occasions to attend religious and social functions. In all, they stay in their apartment at Udupi for 30-60 days in a year. Rest of the time, it is lying vacant.
These people face many problems in maintaining their apartments. There is the burden of housekeeping, maintenance and upkeep. As the property is vacant for most part of the year, it needs thorough and deep cleaning when the family pays a visit. Additionally, many appliances also fall into disrepair due to non-use, and all of these issues have to be dealt with by the property owner himself.
In addition, both the elders and the youngsters in the family are used to many modern amenities and services in the cities where they live, which they miss out on when they visit Udupi as these facilities are not available there. Adults can adapt, in part because of their attachment to their native place, but the children find it difficult and thus it affects their overall enthusiasm. 
Rujula Realty Pvt. Ltd. has tried to address all these problems by launching Aryaan Residences at Udupi. Aryaan Residences offers host of amenities to take care of the health, fitness, entertainment & recreational needs of the entire family. It also offer host of services like 24 hour housekeeping, 24 maintenance services, 24 hour security, 24 hour room service etc. to make their stay comfortable and memorable.  
In addition to this, they can earn rental income when they are not staying in their apartment by putting their apartment in the rental pool managed by the adjacent five-star Aryaan Resorts. Their apartment in Aryaan Residences will become a true asset and a source of revenue whereas their investment in other apartments are a source of expenditure as they just keep spending on society charges, electricity, telephone, repairs & maintenance without any income from those apartments. 

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