Apartment owners at Aryaan Residences enjoy a special investment opportunity. The apartment can be used as your luxury residence when you are in Udupi / Manipal and can become a source of rental revenue when you are away. You can even exchange your stay at your own apartment in Aryaan Residences, Udupi to holiday at other destinations by utilising the services of our exchange partners. 

Flexibility of Stay
In addition to the exclusive lifestyle, as an owner, you and  your family/ friends can stay at the most luxurious residence which you own at Aryaan Residences whenever you want and for how many ever days you want. Enjoy Five-star Amenities & Services
• You have access to a magnificent array of amenities at the adjacent five-star Aryaan Resort. Enjoy the host of amenities and services which only Aryaan Residences offer. The amenities includes swimming pool, Jacuzzi, water park, indoor games, outdoor games, gaming zone, 3 restaurants & bars, lounge bar/ discotheque, world-class fitness centre, ultra-modern spa, banquet hall etc.
• You also have access to the wide range activities for kids, adults & elders conducted by Aryaan Resort for the owners and guests.
• You have access to all the services offered by the five-star Aryaan Resort like 24 hour housekeeping/ maintenance/ room service/ medical care/ convenience store etc.

Exchange Your Stay
Alternatively, you can choose to stay, free of cost, in thousands of luxurious resorts worldwide by exchanging your stay at Aryaan Residences with any of these resorts. This will be made possible by affiliating with exchange companies like Resort Condominium International (RCI) or Interval International or Dial an Exchange (DAE).

Earn Rental Income
Whenever you are not staying in your apartment, you have the option of putting your apartment in the rental pool managed by the adjacent five-star Aryaan Resort and earn good rental income. 

Your investment in apartment at Aryaan Residences will appreciate more than an investment in any other flat as this will be the only place where you can enjoy the flexibility mentioned above. You will not find such an opportunity anywhere else.

Safe & Secure Investment
Investment in an apartment at Aryaan Residences is safe and secure. You are not investing in a piece of paper. You are investing in real asset. You will have full ownership of the apartment which you own at Aryaan Residences, Udupi as it will be registered in your name. 

Other Benefits
• Fulfils your desire to own a house at your native place.
• Your status will be enhance many fold when you own an apartment at the most prestigious address in Udupi / Manipal i.e. Aryaan Residences.
• Your family will no longer find excuses for not visiting your home town with you. Instead, they will look forward to visiting their home at Aryaan Residences whenever they get an opportunity. Everyone will enjoy their stay at Aryaan Residences as they get to enjoy host of amenities/ activities available there. You get to spend quality time with your familly which you will cherish for a lifetime. 
• No need to worry about housekeeping and maintenance as you have access to 24 hours housekeeping and maintenance service from Aryaan Resort.
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